1. The importance to tell the stories of Africa and all her children by them and from their perspective.

   2. The bridging of the gaps between people of African descent all over the world is long overdue.


To promote the stories, cultures, and works of all Black people through uncensored storytelling.


To build a platform where the world can hear the stories of African people in its originality.

The founder

As a child, I love feeling my grandmother's skin, rubbing my hand on the traditional  tattoos on her beautifully aged soft skin, but she never liked it, she'd gracefully brush off my hand with her's, and say "Chibu-eze, stop it!" And every time she did that, I thought my granny was a wicked old woman or an old witch. But it happened that she didn't like her tattoos touched; They're not just body art, but stories: her stories, our stories.

So, over a decade forward, as a teenager, when my friends and I see people with tattoos, we thought they were gangsters, and it happened that they got stopped sometimes by our local police officers, and sometimes those people were arrested. One day, in an art class at school, the teacher was lecturing us on body art, and that sparked a curiosity in me. "Why is this form of art outlawed if it's indeed a form of expression?" Why did grandma have it on her body?

Such questions are what lead me into making inquiries into many other matters concerning the simple beliefs that we upheld strongly in our society as if they are the cornerstones that the survival of our communities depends on.

I began to learn that many of these beliefs are the result of colonization through the education system and religious doctrines. In many homes, these two systems (colonial school systems and religious traditions) have replaced our history and traditional principles as if they never existed.

At school, we're taught the stories of Mary Slessor, Beethoven, J.S Bach, we read Shakespeare, histories of the Romans, and many other stories that we could not relate to, and at the end of the school terms, we wondered why we failed the exams. As a young adult, I realized I knew the history of other people more than that of my people.

The anger of not being taught the ways of my ancestors is what gave birth to the Idea of Kobanu, a place where all African people can come and tell their stories to the world, And the rest of the world can come and learn about African people from Africans.​




Chibueze Okechukwu


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